People-Avatar-Set-Circular-09Excellent for parents of young readers 5Stars
by Renerene1 – Apr 14, 2015

This has been an amazing tool for tracking our kids’ reading. For school, our children are required to log minutes and sometimes titles and authors during the course of the school year. My former tools for keeping track of all this (pencil and paper and clock) required a lot more time and effort on my part and were less accurate. With “You-Log”, I can quickly input the title/author with a scan or a search. Even better, the kids can scan their own books!
Also, the moment you press “Log-It” is recorded as the start time for that reading session, which can be helpful when Mom or Dad forget to look at the clock. This app has actually enabled our kids the freedom to read more and still have it count towards their reading goals. They like to read on the school bus or during their free time at school. When they come home, I ask them to tell me what page they are on. Based on the weeks of data, I can estimate about how many minutes they read. They are both exceeding their reading goals by far. Love this app!


People-Avatar-Set-Rectangular-12For Readers that Set Reading Goals 5Stars

by – Jan2, 2015

I downloaded this because every year I set New Year’s reading resolutions. Read all Hemingway’s works. All of Steinbeck’s. Every year in able to do this no problem. Last year however, I decided to read all unread works in my library. The problem was that I felt lost. How do you pick up a book out of twenty and determine to read it with a handful of others? This app was hard to find but the only one that was going to provide what I was looking for. A reading list that helped me set goals of 100 pages a day or 60 minutes in multiple genres. As an omnivorous reader, I felt that this app understood readers more than the others. Most of all, it was simple. It knows what you’re trying to do and will track your progress through books. Just scan the barcode on the back of the book, and you’re away. Set your goals and it will help you track. Took me an hour to find in the App Store, but this one needs to be at the top. I’ve read the web and seen people trying to accomplish what this app provides using three separate apps!


14_Urban Tribes Avatar SetWonderful App for Parents! 5Stars
by Landonlass – Mar 27, 2014

This is an extremely useful app for parents who have kids that need to track their reading for school. It makes life much easier when you can email the logs to the teacher! Also, giving my kids the ability to track their reading gives then a better sense of how they are progressing.





04_Urban Tribes Avatar SetSchool/Summer Reading Log 5Stars
by Kimberly Shotwell – Jun 3, 2014

This has become a hit with our 10-year old. He can log his reading on his own and see his progress in a few different views. He digs the charts! This acts as our home/school reading log






People-Avatar-Set-Circular-06Really Innovative & Intuitive 5Stars
by BCZ5122 – Mar 27, 2014

I think this app does a great job tracking & encouraging reading, & found it very easy to use.






09_Teen-AvatarsTotally Awesome 5Stars
by Catkatieart – Mar 5, 2015

I just scanned bar at the back of the book that I am reading and when the scan was done it showed the book. AWESOMENESS!!!!!!






03_Teen-AvatarsAwesome Reading App 5Stars
by Pinksparkles10 – Apr 28, 2014

This app is great to keep track of your reading times & it’s really useful! Love this app.






People-Avatar-Set-Circular-18Thumbs up 5Stars
by ekh109 – Apr 5. 2015

Perfect for keeping my assigned reading for school on track!






12_Urban Tribes Avatar SetFantastic 5Stars
by MileNateHoff – Jun 26, 2014

Couldn’t be happier with this app! Great teaching & home tool. I use it every day.






17_Teen-AvatarsSimple & Perfect 5Stars
by Z2231 – Jul 20, 2015

It works & did what should be done.







People-Avatar-Set-Circular-04Excellent 5Stars
by DAM1984$ – APR 13, 2014

Intuitive, useful, and sleek






02_Teen-AvatarsIt makes reading more enjoyable 5Stars
by Camdoodlebop, Mar 16, 2014

So I usually hate doing those reading log things but the fact that I can do that on here makes it more fun & the way it looks is nice too 😀






People-Avatar-Set-Rectangular-02Summer Reading 5Stars
by 374830486, Jul 1, 2014

My daughter is loving YLR on her iPad. She has added all her summer reading books to it and logs her pages and minutes daily! :-)






People-Avatar-Set-Circular-10Good 5Stars
by Jonathan McH, Mar 16 2014

The logs are great to keep up with reading. Barcode scanner is great.





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