1929804_12040205804_3663_nAs an educator of 15 years, one of the highlights of teaching is the joy I see in my students as they begin to discover the wonders hidden within good books. Over the past few years, I’ve been fortunate to teach in a classroom where each of my students has the full use of an iPad. This has encouraged me to find creative ways to integrate technology into daily learning while maintaining best educational practices.
A few years ago, using online forms, I developed a reading log to help my students keep track of their daily reading activity (title, author, genre, pages & minutes read, bar graphs, pie charts). Seeing the pride these emerging readers take in maintaining and monitoring their individual reading logs inspired me to take this idea further and to develop a stand­-alone reading log app for iPhone, iPad, & iPod Touch.
Originally conceived with students in mind, You-­Log Reading has
expanded into a feature­ rich reading log app that serves the needs of a broad spectrum of readers!

Mark Butler
Educator & Software Developer

email: mark@you-log.com