Book lovers of all ages keep an accurate record of every book you own, have read, and want to read. Save time, paper, and your reading history!

  • Infants: Parents can log every book they read aloud to their pre-school children.
  • Young readers: Keep track of the minutes, pages, and genres you read each day with color-coded bar graphs & pie charts.
  • College students: Search for & add your assigned books & take/email/text notes on your required reading.
  • Parents: Use your iPhone to log your child’s reading activity & then print out or email his/her customized reading log to the teacher.
  • Teachers: Set reading goals for your students and monitor their progress. Use their reading logs for more focused individual conferences.
  • Adult readers: Catalogue your entire home library with info on title, author, publish date, ISBN, and genre.
  • Book Sellers: Keep track of your book inventory: scan book barcodes and add info about format, condition, cost, and purchase date.

YOU-LOG READING is a feature-rich logging app for book lovers of all ages.